Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

DTrack Human Capital Management module is a comprehensive HR package that helps to store and manage major aspects of personnel matters in an organization irrespective of the structure, size or specific requirements. DTrack ERP identity is based on personnel data, though ad-hoc users can be created. Users can login with either their staff number or email address. This makes it easy to utilize the application's self-service features like Cash Advance/Reimbursement, Leave Request, Payslip Access, Material Request, Cash Retirement, and so on.

Staff Appraisal

  • Provision for both 360 and standard appraisal methods.
  • User defined appraisal forms. Each section of a form assesses a performance index.
  • Appraisal action plans
  • Unlimited Appraisal periods per year
  • Provide appraisals due notifications
  • Stores historical performance appraisals
  • Skills gap identification and management
  • Training-needs assessment


  • Provides for definition of job vacancies
  • Makes Job applications portal available over the Internet
  • Keeps and manages the database of applicants
  • Provides auto shortlist based on set criteria
  • Further shortlisting using built-in aptitude test
  • Self-defined aptitude test questions

Leave Management

  • Maintains various types of Leaves
  • Allows Annual Leave carried forward
  • Leave Request by Approval Flow with notifications
  • Leave reliever subject to the approval of the reliever.

Terminal Benefits

  • Computes Gratuity and other terminal benefits
  • Adds other unpaid provisions
  • Adds unpaid Accrued Allowances or Deducts overpayment if necessary
  • Deducts all outstanding loans and advances
  • Adds the current month prorated salary
  • Generate Terminal benefit payment voucher for Approval